when (nature) touch the ‘heart’


*dram(art)tise / Image source : http://www.pinterest.com

Man in the world lives depen on nature. And nature grow up by itself. Looked, the existence of universe have destroyed by greedy human. In their modern habits life can camouflage if their so miss the nature world, but in other side economic bussiness can make a sound of it. Yeaps, everything about ‘money’ and human mindset that money can make everything including make a nature be like a nature. In fact, all inconvenience the human. It seems like a stupid think. Modernization, technology advance, and globalization are make human like a machine, their live with low sensitivity to nature, world, and universe. Let us love, care, and keep nature where we are come and finally where we are return.


*dram(art)tise / Image source : http://www.pinterest.com